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​Flyer is 7 years old.

I am a retired veterinary nursing supervisor in a teaching veterinary school. I was there for 34 years. So, my background is in traditional medicine. In addition, we are professional dog trainers and own a ridiculous number of flat coated retrievers. All of our dogs are beloved family members.

We order the "kit" from Five Leaf. As soon as it arrived, we started Flyer on the drops and added the greens to his food. We decided on the Five Leaf after we did a ton of research. Based on our research, this program made the most sense. We were also impressed with the information available on the website. Much of the info was given away freely. We liked the fact that the ingredients are included on each of the products. We want to know what we are giving our dogs.

The Dog Greens smell so good that I thought about taking some myself.

The doctors were clearly stunned and delighted. I told them that we were doing some alternative stuff and they said to keep on doing whatever we were doing. In 34 years that was the first time I have seen that level of surprise.

Thank you, Amanda, for your commitment to our pets. As dog professionals, we always put the dogs in our care before making money. We do it because we love it. It is clear to me that you feel the same way.

Andrea Holsinger

Winterville, Georgia

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