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We adopted Lucy from Baldwin Park. They really had no idea how old she was? But we all knew she had a rough life. Our Vet guesses Lucy was 9, so that puts her about 12 now. She’s a Chihuahua/Wiener dog mix, a Chi-Weenie and we love her dearly.

I had purchased from Five Leaf Pet Botanicals and we started her on them, it was really hard to give her, we tried to hide it in treats? Nope, dog food? Nope, and then we bought a couple syringes and Vanilla Yogurt (Thank you for whomever figured that out on here) it saved our butts.

I am so thankful and appreciate it and her every day.

XXOO Five Leaf Pet Botanicals

Sondra & Kirk Peters
Mission Viejo, CA
Lucy’s Veterinarian: Dr. Stephanie**

**This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Stephanie recommends or endorses our products.

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