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Snowy was the sweetest most obedient dog I picked up one day at my estate. Although he was either lost or abandoned, yet was standing on his two hind legs and begging with his two front paws to every passerby. He was the very first Maltese, I’d set eyes upon. His long hair was tangled, and I was sure he hadn’t had a meal for days. I picked him up, brought him home, bathed him and fed bread and milk. So began my journey with him, he became a shadow behind me, always following me. He knew that I saved him. And he knew with all of his little dog conscience, how to appreciate that. When I got married snowy and my wife became best buddies, and he became an irreplaceable part of our little family. Extremely jealous of her at first though, little knowing, that it was she who partly encouraged me to take him in, when I found him a year earlier.

Through intense research on the web, my wife came across the Five Leaf website, run by Amanda

We placed an order right away.

Within 3 days I received her package through overnight delivery

We are ever so grateful to Amanda and to God who directed my wife to come across her website.

Shehan & Chathuri


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